About Us

Ecotrons is specialized in automotive electronics. Our new products are controllers for electric and hybrid vehicles. We bring the large OEM technologies and products to small manufactures at affordable prices. By using state-of-art technologies, like scalable semiconductors from NXP and Infineon, and model-based-design with Mathworks tools, we can help you to dramatically speed up the development and significantly reduce the cost. Our controller provides a platform that frees the controls engineers from worrying about hardware and low level software and they can build the control system completely in Simulink environment. The development to production process becomes one.

VCU – Vehicle Control Units for electric vehicles
HCU – Hybrid Control Units for hybrid vehicles
TVCU – Transmission control and Vehicle Control Unit
APU – Auxiliary Power Unit for range extender vehicle
EcoCoder – automatic code generation tool
EcoCAL – calibration tool
EcoCAN – CAN bus tool

We also manufacture Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems for small engines and special engines. Our EFI products include the Engine Control Unit (ECU), fuel injection components, small engine EFI conversion kits, a wideband controller kit (Accurate Lambda Meters, or ALM), and even a small engine simulator (SimMotor).

We are specialized in customer engine management systems (EMS). We provide solutions for small manufactures at low costs.

We are located in Detroit area, Michigan, the home of automotoive industries. Our technologies are based on the modern auto engine control technologies. We bring the large OEM technologies and products to small manufactures and even to the aftermarket at affordable prices.

Our targeted market lies in 3 major areas:
Customer engine management system for special engines
Complete EFI system for small engine manufacturers
Complete EFI conversion kits for the aftermarket

The unique advantage of our products is flexibility. Our competitiveness is in that we can customize our EFI systems for small volume manufacturers in short time and at low cost. How do we do it? by using the state-of-art technologies like: scalable semiconductors from the largest manufacturer, FreeScale , and model-based-designs, invented by Mathworks etc. When the technology and manufacture meet, amazing things can happen. One is to dramatically speed up the development and reduce the cost. That's exactly what we do.

Our current product lines include: 2-stroke small engine EFI kits, 4-stroke small engine EFI kits; supporting 1-cylinder or 2-cylinder engines, whether they are in-line 2 or V-twin, or symmetric boxer engines. We do offer 3 , 4 or more cylinder engine EFI system, for the mechanically capable customers. We have developed some customer EMS systems like battery-less EMS, direct injection EMS, multi-fuel, or heavy fuel EMS

Our products have been used in the below areas:
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Power Water-Craft (PWC) engines
Multi-fuel or heavy fuel direct injection engines
Gaseous fuel, like Nature Gas, CNG, LPG, even Hydrogen fuel engines
Motorcycle engines and scooter engines
ATV, UTV, and Kart engines

One advantage to use our products is that you can get the complete EFI systems, including ECU, harness, throttle bodies, fuel pumps, sensors, injectors, coils, and CDI, you name it. Other vendors call their products EMS or EFI which only includes an ECU, and a loose end harness, or a couple of sensors added at the most. You have to find your own throttle bodies, injectors, fuel pumps, coils etc.; and worse, you have to obtain those component data sheets so that you can tune the ECU to control them.

Contact us for more info, send us an email at info@ecotrons.com.