Small Engine Management System

Small Engine Management SystemSmall Engine Management System

Based on our advance Small Engine ECU, we developed a full Small Engine Management System. It is a high performance, high quality, low cost system. It targets the low-end small engine markets, especially the emerging market. Our systems can meet the stringent EURO III emission standards, which has being adopted by many developing countries. With a model-based-design software architecture, it is easy to do applications, and calibrations. It can largely reduce you development time and costs, too.

Our small engine management system has below features:
Compact package and installation compatible to the carburetor;
Minimum engine design changes;
Support variant types of small engines (single/dual cylinders);
Meet EURO III or similar emission standards;
Improve engine performance;
High quality, low maintenance;
Low cost, more value.

This system can come with the below components, dependent on customer demand:
Throttle body (w/idle speed valve);
Throttle Position Sensor TPS;
Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor (MAP);
Heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor (HEGO);
Air temperature sensor (ATEMP);
Engine temperature sensor (ETEMP);
Purge canister, and/or Purge control valve;
Ignition Coil(s);
Fuel Pump;
Crank sensor – variable reluctance sensor (VRS);

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