Small Engine Fuel Injection Kit – 35cc to 300cc

Small Engine Fuel Injection conversion KitSmall Engine Fuel Injection Conversion Kit


This fuel injection conversion kit can be used to convert many single cylinder carbureted smalll engines in the range of 35cc to 300cc range. We have 28mm and 34mm throttle bodies to cover the range. In many cases, this EFI kit can be bolted on your engine and start your engine after the installation. Sometime you may need to do some mechanical modifications to fit the throttle body, or the fuel return line. The good thing is that the kit has all the parts to convert a carburetor engine and saves you efforts to source all individual parts. Further more, this kit can do some self-tuing by running close-loop fueling with an O2 sensor. Our ECU has sophisticated self-learning software which can automatically tune itself to run in stoicometric AFR (14.7) in variant operating conditions.

This kit previously is called "PNP" kit. But because different people have different understanding of "PNP". We now removed the "PNP" in the title. As much as we try to make this kit as a bolt-on kit for some popular small engines, like GY6 engines (50cc to 200cc), and 150cc monkey bikes, this kit requires some efforts to be installed correctly. PNP may not apply to every engine, simply because of so many different engines out there. PNP may only apply to certain GY6 engines, or 150cc monkey-bike engines. If you have modified your engine a lot (w/ major customer parts), it may not be applicable as PNP. In many cases, the user will need to do some basic tuning after correct installations. Please contact us to confirm whether this kit can be PNP to your engine.

Click here for a successful conversion (a lot of details) posted on ScooterDawg forum

This EFI kit has below features:
Electronic fuel injection (EFI)
ECU controlled ignition system (CDI or inductive coil)
Close-loop controls with an O2 sensor
Dual fuel maps selectable by a manual switch (Performance Switch: ECO vs. RICH Mode)
High fuel efficiency and low carbon emissions
On board self-diagnosis with a MIL lamp
Performance tuning for advanced users
On-the-fly calibration
2.Harness (including the connectors)
3.Throttle Body Assembly
28mm Throttle body / flange or clamp mounting (TPS sensor)
or 34mm Throttle body (with IAC motor, and TPS sensor)
Fuel injector (38/60/80/128/190g/248g/min)
4.Fuel pump assembly
Fuel pump (compact size:38mm diameter) (comparative low power: 2A current) (Flow rate: 25L/h)
Fuel pressure regulator(3bar)
Fuel filter
fuel hoses and clamps
5.MAP sensor (1.05bar)
6.Engine temperature sensor
7.Intake air temperature sensor
8.CDI - for ECU controlled spark advance (included, for both fuel and spark controls, fully programmable)
9.Oxygen sensor and bungs (included, to have close-loop fuel and self-tuning features)
10.Serial communication cable (to a computer)
11.USB adaptor (included, USB connectivity, and no more RS232 port needed)
12.CD - free tuning software (also downloadable)
EFI Kit for 50cc to 110cc 1-cylinder engine (28mm throttle body)
EFI Kit for 125cc to 200cc 1-cylinder engine (28mm throttle body)
EFI Kit for 200cc to 300cc 1-cylinder engine (34mm throttle body)

This kit does NOT require tuning for some popular small engines, like GY6 125cc, GY6 150cc engines or 150cc monkey bikes. All the user needs to do is to install it CORRECTLY (following the installation manual). For other engines which are kind of DIY projects, tuning will be needed.

34mm Throttle Body
Throttle Body and Intake Manifold
Port Fuel Injection manifold (only available for OEMs)
For more throttle bodies and intake manifolds, please contact us!

28mm throttle body, Small Engine Fuel Injection kit @ $599

28mm throttle body style  

34mm throttle body with IAC, Small Engine Fuel Injection kit $799 USD

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