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  Small Engine ECU

Small Engine ECU
Small Engine ECU

Cooperated with Freescale, the largest semiconductor maker for automotive industry in the world, we have developed a state-of-the-art small engine ECU (Engine Control Unit). It uses the latest Freescale's 16 bit microprocessors, S12X or S12P, which combines the high performance, and low cost together, and also the Freescale's latest small-engine ASIC MC33812, which is an highly integrated all-in-one chip, including fuel injection driver, ignition driver, voltage regulator, ISO9141, etc. This ECU is designed to meet world-class quality and standards, while remains low cost. It works in the harsh environment, cold or hot, and resistant to noise & vibrations, corrosion, and water proof, etc.

This ECU has a compact size (2'x2'x1'), and easy to install for small engine applications. It supports variant types of small engines, with different displacements, including single/dual -cylinder engines. It has the capabilities of close-loop controls (w/O2 sensor), idle speed controls, EVAP emission controls, diagnostics etc., fully supporting the functions to meet EURO III or similar emission legislations.

This ECU supports below input/output :
• Engine Speed Variable Reluctant Sensor (VRS)
• Manifold Absolute Pressure(MAP) sensor
• Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
• Intake air temperature sensor (ATEMP)
• Engine (coolant) temperature sensor (ETEMP)
• Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor (HEGO)
• Vehicle speed hall-effect sensor (VSP)
• Driving up to 2 fuel injector
• Driving the coils for up to 2 spark plugs
• Fuel relay driver
• MIL lamp driver
• Idle speed valve driver
• Purge valve driver
• Other digital inputs/outputs, like Kill-Switch, Kick-Stand, Clutch-switch, etc

The ECU software functionalities:
• Charge detection and prediction
• Fuel injection duration and timing controls
• Spark angle controls
• Air-fuel ratio close-loop controls
• Fuel pump controls
• Idle speed controls
• EVAP emission controls
• Transient fuel compensations
• Decel-fuel-cut-off
• Altitude compensations
• Temperature compensations (winter, summer, etc.)
• Engine protections
• Diagnostics and serial communications.

We also developed software for full engine control capabilities, including communications, diagnostics, calibrations, etc. We are the first to introduce the Model-Based-Design methods into small engine controls.

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