ParaMotor Engine Fuel Injection Conversion Kit

ParaMotor Engine Fuel Injection KitParaMotor Engine Fuel Injection Kit

ParaMotor is generic name of the engines used by Powered ParaGlider (PPG). Engines used are almost exclusively small two-stroke types, between 80cc and 350cc, that burn mixed gasoline and oil. These engines are favored for their high output power and light weight. For years, these engines use carburetors because of small volumes of productions. Now with our low cost and simple 2-stroke fuel injection kits, it is the first time becoming commertially viable to convert them to the fuel-injected. Cerainly these engines can take all advantages of fuel injections, namely, better fuel efficiency, more power, easy to start, compensations to temperature / weather changes, and self-adaptations to altitude changes, etc.
We have customers successfully installing our EFI kit to their ParaMotor engines already. Some earlier adopters have flown with our EFI kits. The simplicity of our 2-stroke EFI kit makes the conversion comparatively easy for ParaMotor applications.

ParaMotor engine with Fuel Injections
ParaMotor Engine with Ecotrons EFI kit installed

This EFI kit has below features:
Electronic fuel injection (EFI)
ECU controlled ignition system (CDI or inductive coil)
Integrated fuel injection tuning with our ALM wideband controllers
Automatic altitude compensations with MAP sensor and TPS sensor inputs
High fuel efficiency and low carbon emissions
On board self-diagnosis with a MIL lamp
Performance tuning for advanced users
1.ECU (lighter, smaller, plastic case ECU)
2.Harness (including the connectors)
3.Throttle Body Assembly
24mm/28mm/34mm/38mm/42mm Throttle body (including TPS sensor)
Fuel injectors (38/60/80/128/190/230/350g/min)
4.Fuel pump assembly
Fuel pump (small: 25L/h; medium: 45L/h)
Fuel pressure regulator(3 bar)
Fuel filter
fuel hoses and clamps
5.MAP sensor (1.05bar)
6.Engine temperature sensor
7.Intake air temperature sensor
8.CDI - for ECU controlled spark advance (Optional, suggest to add, for better controls)
9.Oxygen sensor and bungs (optional, not recommended for 2-stroke engines)
10.Serial communication cable (to a computer)
11.Serial to USB converter (optional, NOT included)
12.CD - free tuning software (also downloadable)

This kit needs customizations, mainly throttle body adaptations, and requires minor tuning, because of different brands of 2-stroke engines used. The user needs to install the EFI kit to the engine with minor mechanical modifications. The kit will come with base calibrations that could run your engine, you may need to fine tune it.

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