Ecotrons Blue-Tooth Adapter

Ecotrons Blue-Tooth
Ecotrons Blue-Tooth Adapter

Ecotrons Blue-Tooth adapter is designed to set up the communication between Ecotrons ECU and a bluetooth-capable mobile device, like a smart phone, a laptop or a tablet, without a wired connection. It is a plug-in device to the Ecotrons EFI kit. The idea is simple, to remove the wired connection. And the application is cool, to log ECU data and tune your fuel injection system via your mobile phone (Android phone for now. iPhone app is yet to be developed).

Previously, our customers have to put a laptop into the backpack during riding a bike to log data. And the wired connection has to be secured by extended serial cable, or worse, a serial cable plus an USB adaptor to the laptop. Often users have to use duct tape to secure the wired connection, during highway driving. Now with this bluetooth adapter, you can set up the bluetooth communication between the ECU and your Droid phone, and drop you phone in the pocket and start to drive. The data are logged seamlessly via bluetooth communication. No more worrying about the dropped serial cable, or the USB connection shaken down.

Further more, you can even use the Droid phone as a display or multi-gauge, by fixing it on the cluster. Your phone will display real time RPM, TPS, lambda, temperatures, MAP sensor, etc.

Click here to download Ecotrons Droid phone application software: DroidCAL
Click here to download Ecotrons Bluetooth adapter user manual

Ecotrons Bluetooth spec.
plug-in to a DB9 sub (RS232 connector)
Connect to 12v battery directly
Indication light
Generic Bluetooth Communication
Compatible to other bluetooth devices
No other parts needed for bluetooth communication

Ecotrons Bluetooth

Ecotrons Bluetooth adapter @ $50 USD

Software and Documentation
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