New Products
Ecotrons Advantages

We manufacture electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems for small engines and special engines. We are specialized in customer engine management systems (EMS) for small manufacturers at low cost.

We are from the automotive industries. We bring the large OEM technologies to small manufacturers at a fraction of the cost.

Our targeted market lies in 3 major areas:
  • Customer engine management system for special engines
  • Complete EFI system for small engine manufacturers
  • Complete EFI conversion kits for the aftermarket

Our current product lines include: 2-stroke fuel injection systems, 4-stroke fuel injection systems; small engine EFI conversion kits; for 1-cylinder or 2-cylinder engines, whether they are in-line 2 or V-twin, or symmetric boxer engines. We have developed some customer EMS systems like battery-less EMS, direct injection EMS, multi-fuel, or heavy fuel EMS.

Our products have been used in the below applications:
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Power Water-Craft (PWC) engines
  • Multi-fuel or heavy fuel direct injection engines
  • Gaseous fuel, like Nature Gas, LPG, even Hydrogen engines
  • Motorcycle engines and scooter engines
  • ATV, UTV, and Kart engines

One advantage to use our products is that you can get the complete EFI systems, including ECU, harness, throttle bodies, fuel pumps, sensors, injectors, coils, and CDI, you name it.