New Products
Ecotrons Advantages

Ecotrons makes professional automotive electronics for new and niche markets. We have 3 main product categories:
  • controllers for electric & hybrid vehicles
  • small engine EFI
  • wideband controller ALM

We are from the automotive industries. We bring the large OEM technologies to small manufacturers at a fraction of the cost.

Our small engine EFI products are for the below demand:
  • Customer engine management system for special engines
  • Complete EFI system for small engine manufacturers
  • Complete EFI conversion kits for the aftermarket

Our small engine EFI product lines include: 2-stroke fuel injection systems, 4-stroke fuel injection systems; small engine EFI conversion kits; for 1-cylinder or 2-cylinder engines, whether they are in-line 2 or V-twin, or symmetric boxer engines. We have developed some customer EMS systems like battery-less EMS, direct injection EMS, multi-fuel, or heavy fuel EMS.

Our products have been used in the below applications:
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Power Water-Craft (PWC) engines
  • Multi-fuel or heavy fuel direct injection engines
  • Gaseous fuel, like Nature Gas, LPG, even Hydrogen engines
  • Motorcycle engines and scooter engines
  • ATV, UTV, and Kart engines