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  Small Engine Turbo (similar to RHB31 VZ21)

Small Engine RHB31 VZ21 Turbo-Charger
Small Engine Turbo Charger similar to RHB31 VZ21

This is the world's smallest turbo, very similar to the IHI RHB31 turbocharger. This turbo is ideal for turbocharging your Motorcycle, scooter, dirt bike, ATV, go kart, buggy, and snowmobiles. This turbo works well with our turbo version of small engine EFI kits. Together, VZ21 turbo and our EFI conversion Kit will match perfectly, and it can make your engine conversion from carburated to fuel injected and boosted, with no worry about forced air inductions.
Note: this turbo is suitable for 125cc to 600cc engines. Engines that are too small would not have enough air flow to push the turbo to generate meaningful boost.

Click Here for our Small Engine Fuel Injection Kit for Turbo

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ECOTRONS Turbo VZ21 technical spec
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Small turbo Auxiliary parts
Small turbo Auxiliary parts
Turbo assembled with the accessories
Turbo assembled with the accessories
Oil pump
Oil pump
Oil cooler
Oil cooler

Small Engine Turbo (similar to RHB31 VZ21) @ $299 USD

Oil pump $59 USD

Oil cooler $39 USD

Accessories (flanges, gaskets, oil inlet/outlet fittins, fixtures) total: $89 USD

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