EcotronsCAN Adapter

General description

EcotronsCAN provides a dual channel CAN bus interface with a standard USB interface — one device for desktop and laptop.

The EcotronsCAN can works with USB 2.0 in full-speed mode, it contains the powerful Cortex-M3 32bit micro-controller from STMicroelectronics with two built-in CAN controllers. EcotronsCAN handles CAN messages with 11 bit as well as 29 bit identifiers; it provides two completely independent CAN channels. The CAN bus transceivers are integrated into the device.

EcotronsCAN comes by default in a sealed and solid case. It can work in very harsh environment. It is water submersible and meets the IP67 water-proof standard.


Technical specifications

Project Parameter
Input voltage range DC5V
Input current 300mA (Max)
Communication protocol Support CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B protocol
CAN channels 2
CAN Transceivers ISO 11898 compliant
Microcontroller STM32F105, 32bit
USB interface USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 in full-speed mode
Bit rate, CAN bus 5Kbps ~ 1Mbps
Electrical isolation Integrated two channels with electrical isolation of the CAN data channel
Isolation voltage DC3000V
Software requirements Windows8 (64bit, 32bit), Windows7 (64bit, 32bit), Vista, Windows XP etc.
Temperature range -40 °C ~ 125 °C
Dimensions 4.0 " x 2.6" x 1.0"

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