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Green Grizzly Machine Takes First Place in Urban Concept Car – Alternative Fuel Category at Shell Eco Marathon Americas 2014, with Ecotrons EFI kit

Green Grizzly Machine is a car built by a team of high school students of Granite Bay High School (GBHS) at Granite Bay, CA for Shell Eco Marathon Competition.

The Green Grizzly Machine was awarded First Place in the Urban Concept/Alternative Fuel category at the Shell Eco Marathon Americas 2014 in Houston on Sunday April 27. Shell awarded Team Granite Bay individual medals, a trophy and a check for $2,000!

This was an incredible achievement for a rookie high school team! They competed against 100+ entries from the US, Canada and Latin America, most of them from university engineering depts. with years of experience and generous budgets. Some teams had been working on their cars for over 2 years.

One key technology of the Green Grizzly Machine used is the electronic fuel injection (EFI) supplied by ECOTRONS.

THE GREEN GRIZZLY MACHINE is entered in the “Urban Concept” category, for “HIGH EFFICIENCY ETHANOL ENGINE– TARGET FUEL ECONOMY OF 150-400 MPG”. This is the best fit for the team’s experience level, and fewer entries are expected, increasing our chances of winning. THE GREEN GRIZZLY MACHINE is a one-person vehicle with the following specifications:

To maximize the fuel efficiency, GBHS team bought an EFI kit from Ecotrons and converted the carburetor engine to the fuel injected and even tuned the EFI for Ethanol fuel!

GBHS team has got a lot of help from Ecotrons, including an emergency shipping of the EFI components. Here are the words from the team mentor, Richard Gordon:

“… Was a real Cinderella win, the last possible attempt, the last race, the female backup driver, the last 12 ml of E100, and first place in their category. (Urban concept, alternative fuels) 103 mpg.
Thanks for getting us the parts so fast, we would have been dead in Houston without your help.
We passed along information about your product to other teams. I want to go to a 150cc engine next year with EFI and a turbo.
Thanks again”

Visit “Green Grizzly Machine” websites and read their stories at the below link:


Shell Eco-marathon challenges student teams from around the world to design, build and test ultra energy-efficient vehicles. With annual events first in the Americas, then Europe and Asia, the winners are the teams that go the furthest using the least amount of energy. The events spark debate about the future of mobility and inspire young engineers to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency.