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Ecotrons Sponsored the student team at Virginia Tech University to build a super fuel efficient vehicle.

The Virginia Tech University’s VT Motorcycle Eco-Challenge team (VTMEC) got an Ecotrons sponsored EFI kit for its Ninja 250 engine.

The team task is to design and fabricate a motorcycle to enter in the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge taking place in Lexington Ohio in July 2014. This competition was created to promote more fuel efficient bikes and to make them practical and useful for average consumers. The winner of the competition is determined by which machine uses the least amount of energy in cost for the 100 mile ride. Full competition details can be found at the website;

This year, VTMEC is fabricating a custom motorcycle with a Ninja 250cc engine as the power plant. One goal is to make the engine fuel injected, possibly turbo-charged, and possibly run on compressed natural gas. Streamlined fairings will be used to increase fuel efficiency of the motorcycle.

VTMEC team is very impressed by the products and quality of Ecotrons fuel injection system for the 250 Ninja, the gaseous fuel injection system and the small engine turbo kit. Combining some or all of these products could be a big benefit to the project by greatly increasing the engine efficiency and using a low cost fuel. Similar to many college student project, this project has limited funding but an enthusiastic team. ECOTRONS has been supporting college / high school student teams in building all kinds of vehicles for variant competitions. Again, Ecotrons gives a hand to this team, and now they are on the way to the competition. It is Ecotrons’ pleasure to see students to learn and to enjoy their projects. Hopefully some of those students will develop the skills into their later careers.

here is a video that VTMEC took and showed their success.