TPS Sensors


General description

This throttle position sensor (TPS) is mechanically linked to the throttle plate and the sensing element has an arm that rotates with the throttle plate. The arm has a contact point on the potentiometer which acts like a voltage divider.

The potentiometer has a +5V supply and ground return. The middle point is the output voltage point. The voltage is proportional to the rotational angle of the throttle plate.

This TPS sensor is designed for small engines. It is small in size, easy to install. It has a long life and high reliability.

The sensor is also designed for water splashing proof and dust proof, meeting the IP63 standards.


Project Parameter
Electrical Angle 100°
Mechanical  Angle 125°
Working temperature -40~120°C
Total resistance 3KΩ ±20%
Supply voltage(V) 5 ±0.5
Output voltage (V) 0~5

For details of TPS sensors, click the below:

ECOTRONS TPS sensor technical spec – v1.3.4

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