O2 Sensors


General description

Oxygen sensor is installed in the exhaust gas pile to measure the oxygen content and find out whether the combustion of gasoline and air is stoichometric A/F ratio.
And in this status the catalytic converter has maximum conversion efficiency on HC,CO and NOx in the exhaust gas.
When the inside and outside of the sensor element has different oxygen concentration, the oxygen sensor can detective it and transform to voltage signal.


Project Parameter
Working temperature °C 350~850
Allow  fuel Unleaded gasoline
Lambda = 0.93 ~ 0.97, output voltage (mV) no less than 800
Lambda = 1.05 ~ 1.10, output voltage (mV) no more than 100
Start  heating power 16W
Install  screw M18*1.5
Line number 4
type Four wire heating type (Plate/tube)

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ECOTRONS Narrow Band O2 Sensor technical spec – v1.3.2

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