MAP Sensor


General description

For small engines, manifold is small and short, some time there is no manifold, simply a throttle body and a boot that is used to connect to the engine. So there is often no room for regular automotive MAP sensor to mount. This MAP sensor is small and easy to mount with a little hose. It can be mounted anywhere close to the throttle body. All you need is a little hole and a tube to connect this MAP sensor to the manifold or downstream the throttle plate.

This product is small size, easy to assemble.


Project Parameter
Range (kPa) 10~115 
Precision ±1.8%FS
Working temperature °C -40~130°C
Supply voltage(V) 5 ±0.5
Output voltage (V) 0.4~4.65
Overload pressure (kPa) 300
Measured medium air
Service life  30000 km or more than one year

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ECOTRONS MAP(1 Bar) Sensor technical spec – v1.3.5
ECOTRONS MAP(2.5 Bar) Sensor technical spec – v1.3.5

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