Gases injector


General description

EGIJ- series gas injectors are designed to inject the gaseous into the intake manifold to achieve a homogenous distribution of gaseous in air flow as efficiently as possible. The gas injectors are used on EFI system usually.


item Gas injector
Working temperature -20°C ±120°C
Storage temperature -40°C ±75°C
Working voltage DC 7~16V
Open time 2.5ms ±5% @12V
Close time 2.0ms ±5% @12V
coil resistance
Working pressure 50kPa-250kPa
maximum pressure 450kPa
maximum bearing pressure 800kPa
air inlet G1/8 thread, connector internal diameter Φ7
air outlet G1/8 thread, connector internal diameter Φ7
port thread M12X1
nozzle flow range 1.0~4.0mm(+0.04mm)
flow error ±0.4%L per 10L
coil color Red or blue
weight 120g

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ECOTRONS Gas Injector technical spec – v1.2

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