Fuel Injectors


General description

EFIJ- series Injectors are widely used in all kinds of medium and small displacement motorcycle engine Fuel Injection System (EFI system).

The control signal is from ECU, when the voltage of control wire is Low(0V),the injector will inject fuel, and when the control signal voltage is high(12V), the injector will be closed and not inject fuel.


project parameter
660cc/min 240g/min 30-248g/min
Working voltage(V) 12V-14V
Working Oil pressure(KPA)  Rated 300KPA(100KPA-450KPA)
Open time 0.8ms 0.9ms 0.9ms
Close  time 0.7ms 0.65ms 0.65ms
flow rate 660cc/min 127/145/240 g/min 30-248 g/min
resistance 12Ω 12Ω 12Ω

For details of fuel injectors, click the below:

ECOTRONS Fuel Injector technical spec – v1.3.3

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